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HOAGBA membership is required for advertising in the club newsletter. Ads have been listed with the advertiserís approval.† The first 50 words are free. Additional words are 10Ę each.† Payment is due at the time the ad is placed.† E-mail ads to† smithkct@centurylink.net or fax them to 913-533-2497.† Consider guarantee the integrity of advertisers nor will they get involved in any transactions or misunderstandings between a buyer and a seller.† Due dates for ads & other information for each of the 6 newsletters: issue 1: January-February - January 10, issue 2: March-April - March 10, issue 3 May-June - May 10, issue 4: July - August June 10,† issue 5: September-October - September 10, issue 6:† November-others. Change or cancel the ad when items in the ad sell.† Neither the club nor its officers December - November 10.† Newsletters will be mailed by the first of the second month.† i.e.† Issue - January-February will be mailed by the first of February.


WANTED Breeder Paradise (New Zealand) Shellduck drake.† Call Randy at 620-724-3386. (KS) (3-4/19)


FOR SALE Pheasants:† Lady Amherst, Edwards, Golden, and Yellow Golden. Grey Junglefowl, Brazilian Teal, Marble Teal, and Mandarins. Al Novasad, ph. 979-836-8991.† (TX)† (3-4/19)


FOR SALE or TRADE† 2 2018 hatch Silver hens - $30.00 ea., 2 2017 hatch Swinhoe hens - $40.00 ea., 1 2018 Red Golden cock - $20.00.† WANTED† 2 Blue Scale Quail males, 1 Yellow Golden hen.† Jim Morelli, ph. 509-476-2831.† (WA) (3-4/19)


WANTED Gray Junglefowl hens. White chukar eggs or chicks. John Smith, ph. 913-879-2587.† smithkct@centurylink.net (KS) 3-4/19)


FOR SALE 2018 hatch Iowa Blues, Black Sumatras, Dark & Black Brahmas, Spangled Russian Orloffs, Swedish Flower hens, Buff, Birchen, & Black English Orpingtons, Salmon Favorelles, Silver Spitzhaubens. Also selling my breeder Dark Brahmas, Birchen English Orpingtons, &† Salmon Favorelles. Scott Gray, Bethany MO, 660-868-1450, grayfarms@hotmail.com(3-4/19)


FOR SALE† Ducks:† N. A. Pintails, Gadwalls, Red Heads, Cinnamon Teal, Garganey Teal, Marbled Teal, Ring Teal, Layson Teal, A. Widgeons, Chiloe Widgeons, Wood Ducks. Mandarin males, White Mandarins, Ringbills, New Zealand Scaup.† Geese:† Lesser White Fronts, Pacific White Fronts, Richardsons.† Mick & Jane Lemberg, ph. 308-485-4833† Email:† mjexoti@msn.com(NE) (3-4/19)


FOR SALE Per pair:† White Crested Kalij - $65.00, Nepal Kalij - $50.00, Lewis Silvers - $150.00, Humes Bartail - $120.00, Palawan, Bronzetail, and Rothschild Peacock Pheasant - $500.00, Germaineís Peacock Pheasant - $300.00, other birds , Kelly McMullan, LA  318-949-2294 or kmac@hypercon.net



FOR SALE† Reeves (Stanley Lorenz bloodlines)† Golden (Birr, Landig bloodlines), 1 Lady Amherst male (Birr bl) Silver (Roy Bouck bl), Elliot, Blue Ear, Gray Peacock, Saytr Tragopan, Erkelís Francolin, Black Francolin (excess males), Black East Indies Peafowl.† David Bauer,† email:† davidbauer@frontiernet.net or ph. 308-893-2707, Kearney, NE (3/4/19)


FOR SALE† Birds of all kinds: Finches, Softbills and more.† Over 30 species of

finches, Quail, Exotic Doves, and a variety of parrots.† Request a current list

from ksfinchman@yahoo.comor call Mike Langerot at 620-429-1872. Shippingavailable. (KS)† (12/19)


Visit The Game Bird & Waterfowl Pages, the online game bird and waterfowl since 1997. Located at www.gbwf.org & the HOAGBA site http://www.gbwf.org/hoagba (12/19)


Our 2019 catalog prices have been posted to our web site. Call us by the Wednesday before the shows, swaps and auctions we attend, and we will deliver in-stock supplies to you at no extra charge. Our 2019 catalog prices are posted on our web site www.poultrysupplies.com(12/19)














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