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I received this email from The Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health October 9th, 2018 regarding the availability of Salmonella pullorum plate antigen:


Dear Certified Pullorum Typhoid Testers,


As many of you are aware, the salmonella pullorum plate antigen supply is low, and the product is on backorder. We are reaching out to you, our certified testers, to help fill the shortage of the supply. If you have extra antigen, you don’t think you will be able to use before it expires, please contact our office at 785-564-6602, or email


Best Regards,


Jennifer Ukena

Kansas Department of Agriculture

Division of Animal Health

1320 Research Park Dr.

Manhattan, KS 66502




The following letter from Charles River Laboratory was attached:


Dear Valued Customer,


As many of you are aware, Charles River Laboratories has been the global supplier of Elanco’s (formerly Lohmann Animal Health/LAH) USDA licensed Salmonella Pullorum plate antigen, CRL material number 10100762. Elanco discontinued the product and the product is on backorder. Charles River has been working toward USDA licensure to produce the antigen but we have not yet completed the process.


While it is difficult to estimate the lead time of this critical antigen, we continue to work toward licensure and estimate availability in Q1 2019. Further updates will be available as we look to complete pre-licensed serials and make a final license submission to the USDA. Once product is available, we will do our best to manage inventory levels so everyone has enough to complete this vital testing. We apologize for the inconvenience during this transition period.


Please let me know if there are any questions or further concerns. I will be happy to provide updates as we move through the licensing process.


Kind regards,

Douglas Warner

Business Relations Manager

Avian Vaccine Services | Charles River



Our newsletter Heartland News is published bimonthly. The deadline for the November-December issue is November 10  That issue will be mailed November 26.


I could use some pictures, articles, hints, and coming events to put in the next newsletter.  I have done the newsletter for 32 years and I am running out of ideas and information to keep the newsletter informative and relevant. 


If you took pictures at the auction, email them as a jpeg attachment to me at  I need some new pictures for the Craigslist advertising and this web site.


The proposed change to the By-laws which was printed in the last two newsletters was approved by the Board of Directors at their September 14th meeting. The  positions of Director from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and other southern States and Director from Colorado and states west of the Mississippi was eliminated and will be  replaced by 2 (two) Directors-at-Large. All Directors are to be elected by the membership at a regular election.  The two directors at large are Roger Graham from Colorado and Cindy Hoffman from Kansas.  Both or these directors are very active in the club and have major responsibilities at the auction.


Quantity is not always the determining factor in having a successful auction.  Quality, variety, and the desire of the bidders to obtain what has been consigned are key factors.  Having a bigger crowd this fall makes me think that Craigslist and Facebook are helping us attract new buyers.  I want to thank Nick Tull, Scott    Gray, Janice & Ted Golka, Roger Graham, and Roy Shideler who helped me post information there.   Fortunately, most of the consignments I posted to the HOAGBA web site ended up being consigned, but there were some great birds that showed up that weren’t listed:  2 pair Pineapple Green-cheeked Conures, a pair Temminck’s Tagopans, 2 pair Flame Goldens, Blue Abbyssian Ringnecks, and blond and amber Bobwhite.  I have posted a list on the club on the consignment page  of some of the  birds that were consigned.  I will be emailing consignors in February, 2019 for consignments for the spring auction.  If you are a member of a special bird ground on Facebook, let me know and I can send you a list of what is being consigned so you can post it.


Many members worked hard Friday and Saturday to get things ready:  Cindy Hoffman, Joe Twombly, Dan Kleinlein, Luke Gray, Don Colson, James Colson. Randy Winterbarger. Roger and Jackie McCormick, Cody McCormick, Mark Wheeler, Ted Golka, Benny Dean, Herb Bastion, Roger Graham, Roy Shideler, Kathy Gander, Andy Johnson, LaDonna Lickteig, Myrna Tuley, John Smith, and Terry Smith.  I hope I haven’t left out anyone who helped, but I am doing this list from memory.


As those of you who have used the Game Bird & Waterfowl pages, there have been some changes made in the last year. The following information explains some important changes being made at


Basic information about GBWF access and registering:


Registration is free.


Registration is not a requirement in order to access or view the website or any of its 400+ web pages.


Registration is not required to view the following three subjects within the forums; Forum Access & Membership, GBWF Website Announcements & Updates, or Club Corner Introduction.


Registration is required to gain access to the private rooms and remainder of the forums. These include the Tailgate/Swap/Events forum, Aviary Design forum, Incubation & Hatching forum, Buy/Sell/Trade forum and much more.


Premium Memberships are available for folks to buy/sell in the classified section, but that’s not the focus of this website. There’s more info on the website about donations and memberships if interested.



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