I received word that Robert Yahr, who lived in Kansas City, Kansas,† died November 30. He had been a member of HOAGBA for almost 30 years. For many years, he helped out at the auction by bringing the clerking sheets from the main arena to the office.† Former HOAGBA member Dan Zeller, who† lived in Holton, Kansas, died December 9.† He raised domestic geese and ducks.†


March Madness is rapidly approaching!! Iím not talking about basketball, Iím referring to the annual spring HOAGBA auction. Iíve already been getting calls.† When is it going to be? What kinds of birds, etc will there be?† I can answer the first question easily† MARCH 17, but the second question canít be answered until the consignors† let me know either by phone or email what they will be consigning to the auction.† I would like to start listing consignment on the consignment page of the web site in mid-February.


Our newsletter Heartland News is published bimonthly. The November-December issue† was mailed November 27.† The deadline for the January-February† issue is January 15.† The January-February issue will be mailed January 22.


The Membership Directory was included with November-December issue of the newsletter.† Only members who returned the listing which was included in the June-July issue of the newsletter are listed.† Please look over your listing. If you find errors, let me know and I will list the corrections in the nest issue of the newsletter.


I could use some pictures, articles, hints, and coming events to put in the next newsletter.† I have done the newsletter for 32 years and I am running out of ideas and information to keep the newsletter informative and relevant.†


I would appreciate it if all members who attend the auction either as a consignor,† a buyer, or both would make a copy of the sale bill on page 7 in the January-February newsletter and put it on the bulletin board at a local feed store or convenience store.† This is a way of attracting potential buyers who do not see the print or internet ads.


I mailed out packets of sale bills to all the directors as well as these club members to post in feed stores and convenience stores in the area. A big THANK YOU to:† Brandon Brown, John E. Christner, Jr., Don Colson, Jim Colson, Carl & Kathy Gander, John Gray, Cindy Hoffman & Joe Twombly, Andy Johnson, Orin Jones, David Lehmer, Ty Lord, Jack Lutes, Mark Wheeler, Randy Winterbower, and Mike Wray.† If you would like a packet of sale bills to pass out in your area, let me know.


I want to thank these club members for posting information to Craigslist:† Ted and Janice Golka, Roger Graham, and Scott Gray who posted information to 12 different cities/areas in Kansas and Missouri. Scott also posted the auction information to a poultry forum.


To Contact Us:

Phone:† 913-879-2587

Email:† smithkct@centurylink.net



As those of you who have used the Game Bird & Waterfowl pages, there have been some changes made in the last year. The following information explains some important changes being made at http://www.gbwf.org


Basic information about GBWF access and registering:


Registration is free.


Registration is not a requirement in order to access or view the website or any of its 400+ web pages.


Registration is not required to view the following three subjects within the forums; Forum Access & Membership, GBWF Website Announcements & Updates, or Club Corner Introduction.


Registration is required to gain access to the private rooms and remainder of the forums. These include the Tailgate/Swap/Events forum, Aviary Design forum, Incubation & Hatching forum, Buy/Sell/Trade forum and much more.


Premium Memberships are available for folks to buy/sell in the classified section, but thatís not the focus of this website. Thereís more info on the website about donations and memberships if interested.


The Realistic Truths of Raising Birds


I found these interesting but oh so true observations in an article entitled ďWhy me? Have you ever wonderedÖ. ď The article written by the late Don Meisner appeared in the APWS Magazine many years ago.


Why your birds made it through the winter Ė only to die just before breeding time?


Why when you have a spare cock - the female dies leaving you with two spare cocks?


Why when you need a female - so does everyone else?


Why after $50.00 on phone calls trying to locate a certain bird - you find one just a few miles away?


Why when you have been trying to sell that odd cock for three years and finally do - next day you get two calls for one?† Next day your cock dies - and you spend two years looking for one, get one, and your hen dies?


Why you long to own a certain pair of birds - then when you finally get them, you canít wait to get rid of them?


Why you paid $100.00 for a pair of birds - and the first person you proudly show them to knows a guy who has a pair for sale for $60.00?†††††


Why is it that when you buy birds that donít mature for two years - they donít,† then the third year they lay - and the eggs arenít fertile.† Then you find some guy who raised the same species from one-year-old birds?


Why you have so much difficult raising a particular species only to find an article by someone telling how easily he raised 20 from one pair?


Why the other guy gets 30 eggs and 30 chicks - when you get 30 eggs -† 15 are fertile, 8 hatch, 4 die young, one drowns in the waterer, one gets pecked to death, you dislocate the leg of one catching it, and the last one that lives has crooked toes?


Why a cock will eat all the eggs for half of the season - suddenly stops, and the rest of the eggs arenít fertile?


Why your setting hen quits on the 19th day - and you didnít notice it until the 21st day?

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