HOAGBA Bird & Animal Auction Gardner, KS

Check-in Times & Sale Order

Roger Graham & Joe Twombly are two of the HOAGBA members who help with the main arena check-in.

Main Arena Consignments: Various varieties of pheasants, peafowl, quail, partridge, francolins, wild ducks and geese, swans, pigeons and doves, rabbits, domestic waterfowl, bantam and standard chickens, guineas, sheep, goats, & used equipment.  Check-in: March 15 from about 7:15  A. M. - 7:00 P. M. sharp!!   All rabbits & pigeons must be checked in on Friday, March 15.   There is NO Saturday check-in for main area and equipment consignments.


Cage Bird Building Consignments: Large variety of aviary/cage birds, lizards, non-poisonous snakes, hamsters, guineas pigs and other small animals, and related equipment. Check-in Friday, March 15 3:30 P. M. - 7:00 P. M. and Saturday, March 16 from 8:00 A. M. - 10:00 A. M.    Chicks, goslings, etc. must be checked in by 9:30  A. M. March 16.


Sale Order:  Equipment Back area of main arena: 8 A. M.  - Equipment 


Main Outdoor Arenaafter the equipment is sold; app. 9:15 A. M. - Birds & caged animals sell in the order they were consigned.


Holding Pens: Noon -  Birds and animals in small holding pens.  Auction in main arena does not stop!!


Cage Bird Building: 10 A. M. - Chicks, goslings, ducklings, poults. 11 A. M. -  Aviary birds & equipment.


Things to remember about caging day-old chicks, aviary birds, and warm-room critters such as hedge hogs.


Day-old chicks, turkey poults, goslings, & ducklings can be consigned in hatchery-type boxes provided they are not crowded.  Cut out part of the top lid & cover it with screen or very fine wire so the birds can be viewed without one’s having to remove the lid. No flimsy cardboard boxes will be accepted.  Shavings, bedding, or easy liner must be placed in the bottom of the box.  Label the box with the number of chicks & the variety.


Small reptiles, bugs, etc. may not be sold in plastic deli cups/buckets


Nocturnal animals and marsupials, such as hedgehogs and sugar gliders, must be provided with a hiding place.


Kansas Animal Health requires that each cage/aviary bird old enough to perch must have its own perch in the cage i. e. 2 birds 2 perches.  There must also be feed and water in the cage.


To Contact Us:

Phone:  913-879-2587

Email:  smithkct@centurylink.net

Consignors to the main arena

unload their cages of birds and animals under a roofed enclosure..

LaDonna Lickteig is in charge of checking in main arena equipment. David Lehmer and Mark Wheeler have helped with this for many years.