When, Where & How to I Participate In the Drawing?

No consignors, trucks, or trailers are allowed on the fairgrounds  before the gates open at 5:00 P. M on Thursday, March 14.  


Drawing for consignor  numbers will be held in the main arena at 7 A. M. Friday, March 15 with check-in to follow immediately after. Both the consignor &  birds to be consigned must be present at the time of the drawing.  


The drawing is open any consignor. Anyone participating in the drawing should be prepared to donate 1 cage of birds or animals or a new piece of equipment which will be sold to benefit the Scholarship-Youth Project Fund. In 2018, checks totaling $1,000.00 were given to fund awards at 4-H Fairs in Kansas and 3 poultry shows for junior awards.


Each person participating in the drawing  will be given a slip of paper to  write down  his/her name, the number of cages to be consigned, and whether those cages are in 1 vehicle or two. As numbers are drawn, an officer will record the name of the person who drew the number, the number of lots that person is consigning, and his donation for the scholarship fund part of the auction.


The number drawn may not be reassigned, traded, or sold. Once the drawing for numbers begins, no one will be allowed to transfer cages from 1 vehicle or trailer to another. Each person consigning birds will need to have his own VS Form 9-3 or VS Form 9-2 papers.  Anyone not in compliance with these specifications will not be allowed to sell at the next auction.


Consignors must be present Friday when it is time for that number to check in. Anyone not present will be moved to a position after the last number drawn.  i. e.: If 35 consignment numbers were drawn, he/she will now check in after consignor #35.





To Contact Us:

Phone:  913-879-2587

Email:  smithkct@centurylink.net

Buyers are encouraged

to look over the consignments

prior to the sale

on Friday evening

or before the auction starts Saturday morning.

You can sell without participating in the drawing, but if there are 39 consignors who participate in the drawing, you will be consignor 40. All proceeds from the sale of the donated birds are deposited in the HOAGBA Scholarship Fund.

HOAGBA Bird & Animal Auction Gardner, KS

Drawing to obtain consignment numbers for the main arena

The items donated by consignors participating in

the drawing are sold at the beginning of the auction n the main arena.