As of  3/14/18, these are the  consignments for the spring, 2018 auction. The list will be updated whenever new consignments come in.  If you want your consignments listed here, contact Terry at the email address or phone # at the bottom of this page.

Pheasants:    Red Golden, Yellow Golden, Dark-throated Golden, Peach Splash Golden, Lady Amherst, Cheer, Mikado, Edwards, Elliot’s, Linneated Kalij, Reeves, Blue-Eared, Silver, Swinhoe, Chinese Ringneck, Bianchi Ringneck

Quail: Bobwhite, Mexican Speckled, Tennessee Red, Gambel’s, Blue Scale

Partridge:  Red Chukars, Barbary, Philby


Wild Waterfowl  Ducks  White Mandarins, Mandarins, Apricot Wood Ducks, Wood Ducks, Ruddy Shelducks, Common Shelducks, Chiloe Wigeons, Marble Teal


Swans:  Blacks Swans 

Pigeons & Doves:  Fantails in Yellow & Red, Iraqi High Flyers, Runts

Peafowl:  India Blue, India Blue Pied, Black Shoulder, Purple Black Shoulder, Opal, Opal Black Shoulder, Bronze

HOAGBA Bird & Animal Auction Gardner, KS

What kinds of birds and animals will be consigned?

Chickens:  Standard Barred Rock pullets, Golden Comet hens & roosters, Araucana  pullets. Production Red pullets, various laying hens, Welsummers, Cream Legbars, Rhodebars,  Black Copper Moran, Silver Phoenix, Ayam Cemani, Golden Lackenvelder, Silver Lakenvelder, Golden Campine,  Blue Orpington, Lavender Orpington, Buff Orpington, Jubilee Orpington, Malay, Blue Red-laced Wyandottes  Bantams:  Mottled Cochins, Belgium Quail d’Uccle, Porcelain d’Uccle, Millie Fleur d’ Uccle, Old English including BB Red, Silver, Red Quill, Silkies, Serama

Ducks:  Calls - Gray, White, Snowy, Pastel, Chocolate, Blue, Butterscotch, Khaki; Black East Indies, White Muscovy, Penin Khaki Campbell, Ancona

Geese:  Giant Embden, Egyptian, White Chinese, Sebastopol

Turkeys:  ???? Guineas:  Pearl, White, Lavender, Chocolate

Rabbits:   Mini Rex, Standard Rex, Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop, New Zealand, California, Flemish Giant, Polish, Netherland Dwarf,

Consignments Wanted!! Your consignments can be listed here.


For Information about consigning  Contact:

Phone:  913-879-2587


Aviary Birds and Equipment: pr. tame and talking Alexandrine Parrakeets, pr. Pacific Parrolet, pr. Scarlet-Chested Grass Keets,  Rosy Bourke Parakeet,   English Parakeet, variety of Parakeets,  Lutino, white, and normal Cockatiels, Lovebirds, gray male chinchilla, male Guinea Pig, nest boxes, bird cages, bird toys, aviary bird books, feeders, water cups

Used Equipment

Cages, pet taxies, feeders, waterers, wire, netting and just about any kind of used bird equipment including a GQF 1502 incubator with the command center, and various small table-top incubators