As of 8/21/18, consignors have indicated they will be consigning these birds & animals. This list is not guaranteed.  Things happen & critters die or people change their minds about selling them! If you have birds, animals, or equipment you want to consign call  913-879-2587 or email Terry at as soon as possible. Consignment list will be updated weekly.

These consignments were listed prior to the auction:


Pheasants:   Red Golden, Yellow Golden, Dark-throated Golden, Cinnamon, Golden,  Lady Amherst, Cheer, Elliot’s, Mikado, Bar-tail, Edwards, Blue EaredReeves, Swinhoe, Chinese Ringneck, Black Mutant Ringneck, Bianchi True Pheasant


Peafowl:  India Blue Peahen, Spalding Peahen, other varieties


Quail: Northern Bobwhite, Butler Bobwhite, White Bobwhite, Mexican Speckled, Tennessee Red, Snowflake, Gambel


Partridge:  Red Chukars, White Chukars, Barbary 

Chickens:  Standard: Westfalische Totleger (Deathlayer), Black Copper Marans, Swedish Flower, Ayam Cemani, Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Salmon Faverolls, Polish, White Leghorn, Buff Orpington,  Golden Lakenfelders Bantams: Orlandsk Dwarf, Mottled Cochins, Belgium Quail D’Uccle, several varieties Old English, White Japanese, several colors Silkies including Painted, Birchen and Brown-Red Modern Game, Ameraucana


Guineas: several varieties including Pearl


Domestic Ducks and Geese:  Grey Calls, Silver Appleyard Calls, Giant Embden, Egyptian


Pigeons:  Indian Fantails


Cage & Aviary Birds: Parakeets, variety of Finches, used cages


Main Arena Equipment:  Cages, pet taxies, feeders, waterers, wire, netting and just about any kind of used bird equipment.


In addition to the above consignments: these items were consigned on Friday,


Chickens:  Jubilee Orpington, Black Orpington, Black Rosecombs, Dark Cornish, Red Blue laced Wyandotte. Columbian Wyandotte, Malay, Blue Cochin, Blue Splash Cochin, Black Cochin, Black-tail Japanese


Turkeys:  Blue Slate, Naragansett


Domestic Waterfowl:  Australian Spotted Duck, Blask East Indies, Blue-Bib Calls, White Calls, Snowy Calls, Blue Swedish


Pheasants:  Cinnamon Golden, Silver Golden, Flam Golden, Timminck’s Tragopan, Blue Ringnecks


Quail:  Blue Scale, various Bobwhite mutations, several varieties Coturnix


Francolin:  Erckel’s


Peafowl:  Bronz, Bronze Black Shoulder, Opal


Pigeons:  American Fantail German Owls, Giant Runts, Frill back, Swallo, Roller, Top Knot Saxon


Wild Waterfowl:  Ducks - Common Shelduck, Ruddy Shelduck, Cape Shelduck, Canvasback, Gadwall, Marble Teal, American Widgeon, Chiloe Widgeon, Indian Spotbill, Laysan Teal, Red Crested Pochard. Red Head Geese: Cackler, Barnacle, Pacific White-Front, Richardson Geese



Our fall auction attracted 444 buyers


To have your consignments listed for the spring auction, call 913-879-2587 or email Terry at

by the last week in February


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