Welcome to the HOAGBA Gardner Bird and Animal Auction

Welcome to the HOAGBA Gardner Bird and Animal Auction

Welcome to the HOAGBA Gardner Bird and Animal AuctionWelcome to the HOAGBA Gardner Bird and Animal AuctionWelcome to the HOAGBA Gardner Bird and Animal Auction

auction information

Our Next Auction

Providing the state wide ban for meeting in groups of more than 10 people because of the Corona Virus is lifted, the 35th fall auction will be held at 8:00 A. M., Saturday, September 19, 2020, at the fairgrounds located at 136 E. Washington St., in downtown Gardner, Kansas. 

Take Exit 210 off I-35.  Go west on Hwy 56/Main St to the 4th  stoplight.  Turn right onto Elm St.  Go north 2 blocks to the fairgrounds.  

The main arena auction of chickens, rabbits, pigeons, game birds, waterfowl, animals, and equipment is held outdoors under a covered, open-sided arena  so dress according to the weather forecast.

What We Offer

Heart of America Game Breeders Association has sponsored consignment  bird and small animal auctions in the spring and fall since 1985.  HOAGBA offers breeders of birds and animals the opportunity to sell their surplus stock at our auctions.  

Commission - HOAGBA members - 15% on on all sales. Non-HOAGBA members - 20% on all sales.  There is a $2.00 NO SALE charge.  Sellers’ checks may be picked up  late Saturday afternoon, or they’ll be mailed Monday following the sale.


$5.00 admission for all persons including children over 4  years old. 4-H and FFA members free with membership card & an adult paid admission

Sale Order

Equipment:  Back area of main arena: 8 A. M.  


Main Outdoor Arena:  after the equipment is sold; app. 9:15 A. M. - Birds & caged animals sell  in the order they were consigned. 

Holding Pens:  Noon -   Birds and animals in small holding pens.  Auction in main arena does not stop!!  

Cage Bird Building: 10 A. M. -  Aviary or pet birds birds (Finches, parakeets, etc.,) warm-room animals & related equipment followed by chicks, goslings, ducklings, and poults. Please note that this is a change from the sale order in the past.

Buyer Information

Terms of Sale - cashier’s check, cash, personal check (with your bank’s letter of credit).  We are not set up to accept credit cards. 

Buyers must complete waterfowl transfers before removing any  North American waterfowl from the barn.  It is proof  the birds were legally obtained.

All bids are times the number of birds/animals in the cage.    El precio de los pajaros es individual. La javla le costara` la cantidqd que ofrecio`  multipilicadopor el numero de pajaros en la javla.

If the bid is $25.00 and there are 4 birds then the final amount the buyers will pay for that cage of birds is $100.00 NOT $25.00.


Auction Motels (pdf)


Sale Bill Postcard - March, 2020 (pdf)


Contact Us

If you have questions, contact us.

HOAGBA Gardner Auction

Johnson Cty Fair Grounds - 136 E. Washington St., Gardner, KS 66030

(913) 879-2587 smithkct@centurylink.net