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Final Publication of the Proposed by-law Change

At the March 15th Board Meeting, Ted Golka made the suggestion that the board start thinking about a Legacy Program to replace Article I Section II of the Amendments to the By Laws which reads: “In the event that the society ceases to exist, all assets of the club shall be given to the American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society.” This organization has been loosing members and might not outlast HOAGBA. Creating a Legacy Program with a list of avicultural related organizations would allow the club to have something set up for properly disposing of HOAGBA funds when the time comes. 

Proposed by-law change wording:  Article 1 Section III In the event that the society ceases to exist, all assets of the club shall be given to an organization or cause predetermined by the Board of Directors and voted on by the general membership. This proposal will be printed in the May-June and the July-August newsletters and will be on the agenda for the Board Meeting in September.  Please contact your director if you have questions or an opinion that you want to share. Speaking of the club website, I did extensive work on the club website. The search engines are requiring that websites have an SSL certificate. To have one installed on the old website would have cost $319.98 for two years plus $89.75 per year for GoDaddy hosting the site. I opted to go with transferring the web files to GoCentral Business which included in its price the application of the SSL Certificate. Three years cost $335.71 after a credit of $23.93 from the old files was applied. The site will be easier from someone else from the club to maintain when I am no longer to maintain it. Go to https://hoagbagardnerauction/ and check it out. If you type in the old address, the old site will come up. As of July 12, any club information including auction consignments will be posted to the new site. The site contains four downloads: the sale bill, a list of motels near Gardner, a sample newsletter, and the membership application. I hope some of you shutterbugs who attend the fall auction will take some picture of consignments, the auction crew, etc. and email them to me so I can get some new pictures up.

Shipping Birds

On June 23, shipping birds became more expensive when USPS launched dimensional shipping on all shipments exceeding 144 cubic inches. I use for our business. I entered the information for a shipment of birds weighing 5 1/2 pounds to be shipped to zone 4 using a Horizon single shipping box measuring 20” x 16” x 8’. The cost was over $90.00. Shipping that weight in an econo box measuring 16” x 16” x 16” cost over $120.00. If you ship quite a few birds you might want to check the Bird Shippers of America web site - If you ship less than 1000 birds per year, membership costs only $25.00 annually. As a member, your logo and name will be added to BSA’s scrolling membership list on their website. According to the letter I received dated June 25 from Bud Wood, chairman of Bird Shippers of America, BSA offers its members the CPP Postal Discount. According to Mr. Wood, CPP agreement provides substantial discount on priority and Express Mail. I have not been able to check out their web site because Centurylink had failed again and we have been without phone, email, and internet for the last three days. There is a  BSA membership download below.


Bird Shippers of America Application (pdf)



Auction Consignments I need your auction consignments no later than August 15 so I can get them typed up and posted to the web site by the last week of August. 

Craiglist Posting Volunteers I need 6 members who have email and know how to enter data on Craigslist to help me get information about the auction listed in 27 different cities where the auction is advertised. I will email you a file which you can cut and paste. In addition to posting the original file, consignments may have to be updated at least once. Give me a call or email me if you can help with this job. If anyone has pictures from the fall auction, email them to me so we can used them on the internet.

Contract with Boy Scout Troop 34 We need to have a good fall auction because our expenses to put on the auction went up $200.00. We had been paying the Boy Scout Troop which moves the boxes and takes care of consignment control $650.00 plus 2% of the profit if we had more than 1000 lots in the main arena and equipment. After lots of emails between the members of the Board and the Boy Scout representative, it was agreed that their compensation would be $850.00 for their work done between 8:45 a. m. and 5:30 p. m. After 5:30 p. m. , they want $50.00 per 30 minute interval. I hope the auctioneers can get consignments sold and everything can be picked up so we do not have to pay the additional money. 

Friday Lunch for Auction Volunteers: The club will buy the paper plates, napkins, plastic table wear, water/pop, buns  and meat which Dennis Connolly will prepare.  Dennis is grilling Bratz and will have pulled pork.  Club members working on Friday: bring a side dish such as a salad, casserole, relish plate, chips, or a dessert. There is a refrigerator for keeping things cold, but we’ll have to figure out how to heat things if they aren’t in crock pots. We did this for the first time in the spring and even the skeptics were impressed with what a great lunch we had!! Let’s make it work again!! Any questions, call Terry 913-879-2587.


Antigen  A 6/3/19 update from the manufacturer of Salmonella Pullorum stained antigen indicated that antigen will not be available until toward the end of this year and into the first part of 2020 because it will take a few months to build up an inventory to supply the entire market. Some states are waiving testing. the Kansas Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Health is waiving certain poultry testing requirements. As a result, KDA is waiving the requirement for pullorum-typhoid testing until October 1, 2019. If you have questions, please call the KDA Division of Animal Health at 785-564-6601. Non-Kansas residents should call their state vets about testing requirements. 

Because has waived testing until October 1, we will not be collecting blood-testing papers at the fall auction




Ad Policy for HOAGBA members: The first 50 words are free.  Additional words are 10¢ each. Payment is due at the time the ad is placed.  E-mail ads to or fax them to 913-533-2497. Consider others. Change or cancel the ad when items in the ad sell.  Neither the club nor its officers guarantee the integrity of advertisers nor will they get involved in any transactions or misunderstandings between a buyer and a seller. Due dates for ads & other information for each of the 6 newsletters: issue 1: January-February - January 10, issue 2: March-April - March 10, issue 3 May-June - May 10, issue 4: July - August June 10, issue 5: September-October - September 10, issue 6: November-December - November 10. Newsletters will be mailed by the first of the second month. i.e. Issue - January-February will be mailed by the first of February.

FOR SALE Lesser White-Front Geese; Ducks: Wood Ducks, Mandarins, Laysan Teal, Cinnamon Teal, N. Am. Pintail, Rosy-bill Pochard, Mallards, Silver Mallard, Indian Spotbill, Canvasback, Red Head, American Wigeon (pictured right0, Ruddy Shelduck, Cape Shelduck. James Colson, ph. 785-249-6656. (KS) (9-10/19)

FOR SALE OR TRADE Quail: Tennessee Red. Bobwhite, White Bobwhite - $6.00 each. WANTED Lady Amherst male, Yellow Golden hen, Blue Scale Quail male, pr. Mexican Speckled. Jim Morelli, ph. 509-476-2831. (WA) 9-10/19

FOR SALE 1 2017 hatch Edwards’ hen, 2 2018 Edwards’ hens. 2019 hatch birds: Pheasants - Impeyans, Edwards’, Cheer, Lady Amherst, Reeves, Elliot’s, Swinhoe; Quail - Valley, Gambel’s, Blue Scale, Mexican Speckled; Barbary & Chuckar Partridge; Black Francolins.  John Smith, 913-879-2587 or email  (KS) (9-10/19)

FOR SALE Birds of all kinds: Finches, Softbills and more. Over 30 species of finches, Quail, Exotic Doves, and a variety of parrots. Request a current list from or call Mike Langerot at 620-429-1872.  Shipping available. (KS) (12/19)

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