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PT Shortage Remains


There’s no new information about when PT anitigen will be released and available to the public. Kansas waived blooding testing until October of this year, but according to what I have heard about the release date, they may have to extend it. Blood testing requirements vary from state to state so if you are planning on taking birds into another state to show or sell, call the state veterinarian of that state to see what their policy is. I know from talking to various people there are almost as many policies as there are state animal heath offices.


Shipping Birds


On June 23, shipping birds became more expensive when USPS launched dimensional shipping on all shipments exceeding 144 cubic inches. I use for our business. I entered the information for a shipment of birds weighing 5 1/2 pounds to be shipped to zone 4 using a Horizon single shipping box measuring 20” x 16” x 8’. The cost was over $90.00. Shipping that weight in an econo box measuring 16” x 16” x 16” cost over $120.00.

If you ship quite a few birds you might want to check the Bird Shippers of America web site - If you ship less than 1000 birds per year, membership costs only $25.00 annually. As a member, your logo and name will be added to BSA’s scrolling membership list on their website. According to the letter I received dated June 25 from Bud Wood, chairman of Bird Shippers of America, BSA offers its members the CPP Postal Discount. According to Mr. Wood, CPP agreement provides substantial discount on priority and Express Mail. 



Bird Shippers of America Application (pdf)




There was a lot of interest in the fall auction from buyers as well as new consignors. I want to thank Roger Graham, Ted and Janice Golka, and Scott Gray who helped me get the word out about the auction on Craigslist. Scott posted auction information in 12 different cities. If you have not checked out the new club web site, please do so. I created a photo gallery on the consignment page. I want to thank Jacki Lundburg, James Colson, and LaDonna Lickteig for sending me photos that I could upload. Next year , when I send out my email request for consignments, I hope more people will respond not only with a list of consignments, but also with some photos.

The comments in the proceeding paragragh were written before the auction. It was a big fall sale with with 924 lots in the main arena. The highest selling lot was a pair of breeder Cape Barren Geese that sold for $1100.00. As usual, we needed more club members to pitch in and help. A BIG THANKS goes to Jason and Jeff Arn, Herb Bastian, Don Colson, John Christensen, Benny Dean, Cathy Gander, Ted Golka, Roger Graham, Luke and Charles Gray, Bill Griffin, Cindy Hoffman, Dan Kleinlein, David Lassen, Thomas Lehman, David Lehmer, LaDonna Lickteig, Roger McCormick, Jackie McCormick, Cody McCormick, John Smith, Terry Smith, Joe Twombly, Mark Wheeler, Randy Winterbarger, and Henry Yoder and his son. I especially want to thank Cion Hamilton and her soon who helped smooth out some of the problems with the fair grounds. I am sure I missed some people who pitched in while I was setting up the office. I have been working the club auctions since 1985 and this is the most problems-free auction, we have had. We did not have to resell anything because the buyer thought he was getting the cage of 4 quail for $15.00 instead of $60.00 ($15 x the birds in the cage.) Everybody picked up their purchases, and there were no stolen birds. Great job!! Craigslist and the newly redesigned website with the photo gallery of some of the consignments did its job. The number of people attending the auction was down due to fall festivals, tractor shows, etc. but those who attended came to buy. Again, thanks to all the consignors, buyers, and volunteers. Your help has made this auction which began at the sale barn in Paola, Kansas, endure. I hate all the paperwork I have to do on the Sunday after the sale and in my spare time the following week, but I love seeing old friends and getting to meet in person those email and phone contacts. The auction dates for 2020 are March 14 and September 19. See you in the spring. 

This is a panoramic overview of the consignment area.
This is a panoramic overview of the consignment area.



Ad Policy for HOAGBA members: The first 50 words are free.  Additional words are 10¢ each. Payment is due at the time the ad is placed.  E-mail ads to or fax them to 913-533-2497. Consider others. Change or cancel the ad when items in the ad sell.  Neither the club nor its officers guarantee the integrity of advertisers nor will they get involved in any transactions or misunderstandings between a buyer and a seller. Due dates for ads & other information for each of the 6 newsletters: issue 1: January-February - January 10, issue 2: March-April - March 10, issue 3 May-June - May 10, issue 4: July - August June 10, issue 5: September-October - September 10, issue 6: November-December - November 10. Newsletters will be mailed by the first of the second month. i.e. Issue - January-February will be mailed by the first of February.


FOR SALE Peasants priced per pair: Green (versicolor) -$120.00, Siamese Fireback - $250.00, Malay Fireback - $350.00, Bornean Fireback - $400.00, Lady Amherst - $65.00, Grey Peacock - $250.00, Elliott’s $100.00, a few others. Kelly McMullan, ph. 318-949-2294 (leave message ) or text 318-453-6569. (LA) (11/12)

FOR SALE Priced per bird: Francolins: Erkel’s - $42.00, Black - $60.00. Pheasants: Silver - $35.00, Golden - $45. 00, Lady Amherst - $45.00, Blue Ear - $70.00, Swinhoe - $45.00, Mikado - $80.00Reeves - $40.00, Gray Peacock - $135.00, Temmincks Tragopan - $150.00, Edwards – $70.00, Elliott - $60.00, Cheer – $65.00, Mature Golden - $100.00. David Bauer, Cottonwood Grove Aviary, ph. 308-893-2707, email (NE) (11/12) 

FOR SALE Lesser White-Front Geese; Ducks: Wood Ducks, Mandarins, Laysan Teal, Cinnamon Teal, N. Am. Pintail, Rosy-bill Pochard, Mallards, Silver Mallard, Indian Spotbill, Canvasback, Red Head, American Wigeon (pictured right0, Ruddy Shelduck, Cape Shelduck. James Colson, ph. 785-249-6656. (KS) (9-10/19)

FOR SALE OR TRADE Quail: Tennessee Red. Bobwhite, White Bobwhite - $6.00 each. WANTED Lady Amherst male, Yellow Golden hen, Blue Scale Quail male, pr. Mexican Speckled. Jim Morelli, ph. 509-476-2831. (WA) 9-10/19

FOR SALE 1 2017 hatch Edwards’ hen, 2 2018 Edwards’ hens. 2019 hatch birds: Pheasants - Impeyans, Edwards’, Cheer, Lady Amherst, Reeves, Elliot’s, Swinhoe; Quail - Valley, Gambel’s, Blue Scale, Mexican Speckled; Barbary & Chuckar Partridge; Black Francolins.  John Smith, 913-879-2587 or email  (KS) (9-10/19)

FOR SALE Birds of all kinds: Finches, Softbills and more. Over 30 species of finches, Quail, Exotic Doves, and a variety of parrots. Request a current list from or call Mike Langerot at 620-429-1872.  Shipping available. (KS) (12/19)

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