Highlights of the September 14, 2019 Auction

It Was A Big Auction


The fall auction attracted 420 buyers from 10 states. A huge thank you to all the buyers who bid on 115 lots of birds, animals, and equipment offered for sale. The top-selling consignment was a breeder pair of Cape Barren Geese that sold for $1100.00.

Thank You


A big thank you to all the consignors who consigned birds, animals and equipment to the spring auction.   And even bigger thank you goes to all the HOAGBA members who volunteered on Friday to get all the consignments checked in and in place for the auction on Saturday,  Some of those same volunteers showed up early Saturday morning to get the eggs, chicks and aviary items checked in.  Without volunteers, there would be NO auction

The Auctioneer and Ring Crew


There are three auctioneers who take turns auctioning off consignments.  Two clerks switch off writing the prices and bidders numbers on the sheets which are sent to the office for recording and filing. HOAGBA volunteers serve as ring men.  They watch for bids and mark the boxes. 

Photo Gallery of the Fall, 2019 Auction

These birds and animals were consigned to the Fall, 2019 Auction!!!


Allen Wasbrook photo from Pixabay

 Swinhoe, Elliot’s Cheer, Mikado, Reeves, Lady Amherst, Bartail (if they can be sexed), Chinese, Melanistic, Mutant and Alaskan Snow Ringnecks, Southern Caucacus True Pheasant, Yellow Golden, Red Golden, Grey Junglefowl male, Cinnamon Golden male


India Blue Peafowl by skeeze for Pixaby

3-year old Cameo Peahen, white, black-shoulder, Bronze, Purple, Midnight, India Blue, various Pieds and Splits

Quail, Partridge, and Francolins

Gambel's Quail from Pixabay Photo and Images

QUAIL - Blue Scale, Gambel’s, California Valley, Mexican Speckled, Snowflake, Bobwhite, White Bobwhite, Georgia Giant Bobs several varieties Coturnix (Japanese) PARTRIDGE - Barbary, Hungarian, gray Chukars

Wild Waterfowl

wikifile from Wikimedia.org Pair of Mandarin Ducks photographed at Marin Mere, UK

DUCKS Smew hen, Silver Bahama Pintail, 2 pr. Greater Bahama Pintail, White Mandarins, Mandarins, Wood Ducks,  Laysan Teal, Cinnamon Teal, North American Pintail, Rosy-bill Pochard, Mallards, Silver Mallard, Indian Spotbill, Canvasback, Red Head, American Wigeon, Ruddy Shelduck,  2 pr. Cape Shelduck, Chiloe Wigeon, Tufted Ducks, Red Crested Pochards , Marble Teal Greenwing Teal  GEESE pr. Cacklers, Red-Breasted Gander, 2 pr. Barnacle,   Lesser White-Front Geese, 4-year old pair Cereopsis  (Cape Barren Geese)

2018 Ducks Unlimited Blue Wing Teal Decoy

Aviary Birds & Warm Room Consignments

Cockatiel by Jenifer Kramer from Pixabay

female Red-Rumped Parakeet, fancy Diamond Doves, Parakeets, Canaries,  young Guinea Pigs, bird and small animal cages, button quail

Domestic Poultry and Waterfowl

Buff Orpington, coq orpington fauve the work of Orpinmania from Wikimedia.org

BANTAMS - several varieties Old English Game include Black, Chocolate, and Red Pyle, Painted Silkies, other colors Silkies and Satins including frizzled of each, White Japanese, Black-tailed White Japanese, Belgian Bearded Qual d’Anvers, Silver Phoenix, Amercauna, Mottle Cochins, White Leghorn, Brown Leghorn, Golden Sebright, Seramas, Salmon Faverolle, Birchen Modern Game

STANDARD CHICKENS - Frizzle Tolbunt Polish, Golden Lavenvelder, Ayam Cemani, Morans including French Copper and  Blue, Mosaic, Buff Orpington, Chocolate Laced Orpington, Jubilee Orpington, Foley line Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, variety of laying hens including Cinnamon Queens and Speckled Sussex, Bielefelder, Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Cream Legbars, Rhodebars, Ameracaauna, Silver-Laced Wyandottes, Brussbar

DUCKS Gray, Blue, Black, White, Snowy, Fawnand Pastel Call Ducks, Black East Indies, Appleyard drake, Pekin, Aylesbury, Muscovy including Chocolate and Black, Crested Mallards

GEESE Buff, Egyptian, African, Embden, Sebastopol, American Lavender Ice (Holderread bloodlines), Giant Dewlap Tulouse, American Buff, Super Dewlap African, White Chinese, Pomeranian 

GUINEAS White, Pearl, Pied, Coral Blue, Chocolate

TURKEYS Blue Slate, Narrangansett, Black Spanish, Bourbon Red, Broad-breasted White hen

Boy Scout Troop 34


Boy Scouts from Troop 34 and their adult supervisors are responsible for bringing consignments to the ring to be sold, taking them to the controlled sold area, and checking the claim tickets and receipts from the office when buyers come to get the items they bought.


Equipment consignments vary from auction to auction.

(Game bird, waterfowl, and domestic poultry)    

Wire, collapsible sale cages

Chicks & Eggs

image by Vicky Prince from Pixabay

Turkey poults, Mosaic Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Silkies, Satins, Chocolate Laced Orpingtons, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red. Black Sexlink, Green Egg Layers

Rabbits and other Animals

Opal Satin Mini Rex Rabbit

pr. Flemish Giant (black buck, blue doe), English Lops, Hotot, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, baby Goats or kids, female Mule (picture on photo gallery)m Satins, Mini Satins, 



Frillback, Saxon Breast, Saxon Monk, Ice, German Owls, Carrier, Modena,  Oriental Frills, Doves, Crested Owls, Jacobian, Rollers

Fall auction consignments updated 7:30 p. m. 9/13/2019.

To have your consignments listed, email them to smithkct@centurylink.net by as soon as possible. Consignments will be updated as needed.