Consignments and Highlights of the March, 2019 Auction

It Was A Big Auction

Buyers can preview the consignments on Friday evening and before the auction begins.

Our spring auction attracted 621 buyers. A huge thank you to all the buyers who braved the cooler than average temperatures to bid on 1312 lots of birds, animals, and equipment offered for sale.

Thank You


A big thank you to all the consignors who consigned birds, animals and equipment to the spring auction.   And even bigger thank you goes to all the HOAGBA members who volunteered on Friday to get all the consignments checked in and in place for the auction on Saturday,  Some of those same volunteers showed up early Saturday morning to get the eggs, chicks and aviary items checked in.  Without volunteers, there would be NO auction

The Auctioneer and Ring Crew


There are three auctioneers who take turns auctioning off consignments.  Two clerks switch off writing the prices and bidders numbers on the sheets which are sent to the office for recording and filing. HOAGBA volunteers serve as ring men.  They watch for bids and mark the boxes. 

Some of the March, 2019, Consignments


Allen Wasbrook photo from Pixabay


Lady Amherst, Swinhoe, Reeves, Golden, Dark-throated Golden, Yellow Golden,Flash Golden, Elliot’s, Blue Eared, several types of Ringnecks  


India Blue Peafowl by skeeze for Pixaby

 India Blue (1 pr breeders, 2 2018 hatch, 5 2017 hatch), Blue Pied, Blue White-eye. White, Spalding, Black-shoulder,  Black-shoulder Pied,   Black-shoulder split to Opal Silver Pied,   Opal Black-shoulder,   Opal Black-shoulder Silver Pied,    Bronze White-eye,  Midnight,  Midnight Black-shoulder,   Purple,  Purple Black-shoulder  

Quail, Partridge, and Francolins

Gambel's Quail from Pixabay Photo and Images


Quail: White, Tennessee Red, Mexican Speckled, Snowflake, Blue Scale, Gambel’s, Valley, Coturnix - Silver, Tansy, Snowy, Fairy, and Jumbo Brown; Partridge and Francolins : Barbary, normal Chukars, White Chukar, Red Chukar,  Erckel’s Francolins 

Wild Waterfowl

wikifile from Pair of Mandarin Ducks photographed at Marin Mere, UK

 Ducks - Mandarins, Bahama Pintail, Silver Bahama Pintail, Cinnamon Teal, Laysan Teal, Rosy-Bill, New Zealand Black Scaup  Geese: Richardson, Cacklers  Swans: pr. Blacks  

Aviary Birds & Warm Room Consignments

Cockatiel by Jenifer Kramer from Pixabay


 Silver Diamond Doves, Parakeets, variety of Finches including, Society, Java, and new color Zebra mutations Black Cheek, Silver, and Chestnut Flank; various colors young guinea pigs; cages, feed and water cups.  

Domestic Poultry and Waterfowl

Buff Orpington, coq orpington fauve the work of Orpinmania from


Golden Lakenvelder, Ayam Cemani, Mosaic, Tolbunt Polish Frizzles, Blue Partridge Brahmas, Cochins - blue and black; Orpington - Mottled, Buff, Jubilee, Lavender; Morans -  French Copper, blue, black, Wyandottes - Blue-laced Red, Golden-laced; Welsummer;  variety of laying hens and pullets including ISA Brown, Speckled Sussex, Cochin, White Leghorn, Wheaten Morans, Cuckoo Morans  Bantams - White Japanese, Mottled Cochins, Belgian Bearded Quail d’ Anvers, Mille Fleur d’ Uccle, 15 varieties Old English, Silkies - Buff, Blue, Blue Splash;   Guinea fowl - Pearl, White, Lavender  Turkeys - Chocolate Tom   Ducks - White Muscovy drake, Australian Spotted ducks, Call Ducks - Gray, White, Pastel, Black;  Geese - pairs Giant Embden (Dave Holderread bloodlines) 

Boy Scout Troop 34


Boy Scouts from Troop 34 and their adult supervisors are responsible for bringing consignments to the ring to be sold, taking them to the controlled sold area, and checking the claim tickets and receipts from the office when buyers come to get the items they bought.


Equipment consignments vary from auction to auction.


(Game bird, waterfowl, and domestic poultry) incubators, new plastic and galvanized chick feeders and waterers, small chick brooders, collapsible cage, poultry crates, game bird feeders, pet taxis, cages, 1 x 1 and 1/2 x 1 wire for making cages; 5 nesting boxes,50 Chinchilla dusting jars, 300 stopper/with tubes, 8 3-hole small animal carrying cases;  

Chicks & Eggs

image by Vicky Prince from Pixabay

 Black Copper Morans, Blue Morans, Splash Morans, Welsummers, Buff Orpington, Speckled Sussex, Dark Brahama, Black Austrolorp, Olive Eggers, Green Eggers, brown egg layers; Coturnix Quail (various colors) 


Opal Satin Mini Rex Rabbit

 Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lops 



 Indian Fantail, German Gold Beetle, Frillback   

Consignments for the fall auction will be posted August 25

To have your consignments listed, email them to by August 21.